Jen Musatto

Jen Musatto

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Hope is the newest monster to come live at our house. She's very easy going and mild mannered. She's plays well with all of the monsters in my home. She loves playing house and dressing her baby dollz in cute outfits. One day she hopes to be a pediatrician and take care of real babies. Please adopt her and give her a loving home.

Hope is large and measures 18" tall, by 8" wide, by 5" thick. She is made with new and vintage fabrics (pre-washed and clean), new and vintage buttons, and new polyfil. She is machine sewn. Her embellishments are hand sewn with embroidery floss.

Hope is not meant for children under 3. Her embellishments may pose a choking hazard. (small buttons)

These original designs are copyrighted and are not to be reproduced in anyway for either personal or commercial use.

© ThEm DoLLz

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